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Work Order Process

Facilities –Consists of building interiors, exteriors, and equipment that is not working properly or needs repair.

Two Categories of Facilities

  • Preventative Maintenance is scheduled work performed on the mechanical, electrical and structural portions of our facilities. Work is scheduled on a periodic basis and includes cleaning, painting, inspecting and adjusting buildings and grounds systems to prevent failure and problems. Building occupants can assist by reporting any deficiencies or defects directly to the Physical Plant and Maintenance office in the Central Administration Building.
  • Corrective maintenance is the repair or replacement of defective or malfunctioning components.

Improvements and Upgrades - additions or upgrades to existing equipment that does not fall under regularly scheduled maintenance.

What building components and equipment will the Facilities Department repair? The Physical Plant and Facilities Department is budgeted to provide basic maintenance, repair and operational functions to enhance the District's physical environment. The Physical Plant and Facilities Department will repair building components that were originally furnished and part of the initial construction or was added later as a part of an approved capital expenditure. The Physical Plant and Facilities staff will repair equipment if it was originally installed with the building and if it would stay with the building in the event that the department using the equipment moved.

Items the Physical Plant will not repair? The Physical Plant is not staffed, equipped or authorized to repair computers, telephones, furniture (desk, chairs or file cabinets) personal or educational equipment.

Maintenance or Renovation- What's the difference? Anything that extends or changes the Physical Plant is a renovation; for example, the addition of a new electrical outlet would be considered a renovation. The repair of an existing electrical outlet would be considered maintenance.

SchoolDude Maintenance Direct is a cloud based corrective work order management solution that allows you to manage the work order process from request to completion.  Corrective maintenance management is the first step to solid facility management.

  • Allows work order requests to be submitted from anywhere, reducing-mails, phone calls and hallway requests.
  • Routes, prioritizes and ranks work order requests in real time by project, location, budget and available inventory.
  • Enables maintenance staff to receive requests in the field via mobile device and notifies end-user about the status of their request.
  • Tracks all work orders submitted and generates customizable reports to calculate budget and staffing needs.

On February 1, 2014, the District launched a new electronic maintenance work order request system known as “SchoolDude”, a nationally recognized maintenance software system that has over 6,000 clients across the country.  The work orders will be requested, assigned and tracked for completeness electronically allowing campus presidents to monitor the assigned work orders and see their status at all times.  The system will give administrators the ability to track hours, materials used, and items purchased as well as to be able to identify recurring problems or issues, and dedicate the necessary resources.

Maintenance and operations is essential to ensuring a high level of facility quality that supports student health and learning.  As educational institutions continue to face the challenges of historically low budgets, the importance of improving operational efficiency grows.  Many departments are finding themselves faced with the responsibility of maintaining more facility space and equipment with the same or smaller staff.  Maintenance management software can augment this lack of resources by creating time and cost savings through streamlining the process of scheduling reactive and preventive maintenance, tracking inventory usage, responding to critical system alarms, and planning future capital needs.

As maintenance and operations teams work to meet increasing demands, it is becoming tougher to respond to requests in a timely manner. One way a maintenance department can save time and increase productivity is by simplifying the work order process with maintenance management software that increases efficiency. Maintenance management solutions help clients achieve an average time savings of 30 minutes per request by reducing the time needed to receive, processes and complete work orders.

Maintenance management software enables end-users to submit work directly to you online – reducing time consuming phone calls, emails, stops in the hallway and other interruptions. SchoolDude’s solutions offer automatic request routing and automatic email notifications, improving efficiency by automatically updating your internal customers about the status of their work requests and by reducing time spent coordinating requests.

Please contact Facility Office at 313-496-2771 regarding how to submit a work order form.

Any key or lock problems should be referred to the Physical Plant and Facilities department by filling out a work order request and submitting the form to the department for review.  Our department is responsible for issuing keys, repair, and replacement of locks at all Wayne County Community College District buildings and maintaining a record of all keys issued.  In the event your key has been lost or stolen, you must notify the Campus Safety Department to fill out the proper forms in order to receive a replacement.  You may exchange a non-functioning or broken key to the Physical Plant and Facilities department in the District Office.  Employees are to return all parts of the key.   At the end of your term of employment or a change in assignment, return your key directly to the Physical Plant and Facilities department in the District office.  The duplicating of keys is prohibited.  

The Physical Plant and Facilities department processes over 15,000 work orders per year.  The objective is to address all work orders immediately upon receipt. 

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